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Here you will find the people who make Expoindustri the leading consultant for Sweden and South America in the export / import of machines. We are an experienced and international team that helps your company find the right buyer. We offer personal service in combination with effective marketing that leads to a fast, profitable and secure business. Together, we help solve problems and answer questions about machine export-import, logistics processes, technical inspections and everything your company needs.

Joakim Byren

Emily Waldmann
Sales & Business Development Manager

Claudia Byren
CFO – Sweden & Sout America

Carla Gutierrez
Administrative Assistant South America

Ernesto Gonzalez
South America Seller

Iracema Martins de Faria
South American Accounting Economist

Jurgen Robles
Head of Warehouse & Logistics

Marco A. Zeballos

José Julian Gutierrez
South America Seller


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